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2 Man Game – Off Ball Options

This course will walk you through the choices and decision making options of off ball players in various 2 Man Games! This course includes the “Executing and Defending 2 Man Games” PDF!

2 Man Games – Ball Carrier Options

This course will take you through the decision making of the ball carrier during many types of 2 Man Games. This Course includes the Executing and Defending 2 Man Games Playbook PDF.

The Perfect Pick

2 Man Games, especially picks, don’t always work perfectly. When they do, it’s a thing a beauty. Make sure your players have a great understanding of exactly what they’re looking for. This course will take you through what the the perfect pick looks like before, during, and after the pick. This course includes the “Executing …

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Types of 2 Man Games

When most people refer to or hear the “2 Man Game” they immediately think “Pick and Roll”. In a sense, this is correct but it is incomplete. I like to define the 2 Man Game as all motions or strategies used by a player with the ball and a player without the ball. This definition …

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Defending 2 Man Games

This course will teach you strategies to defend a plethora of 2 Man games including Picks, Shallow Cuts, Mirrors, Fades, Give and Goes, and Overlaps! The course includes the Executing and Defending Playbook PDF!

Ohio State Pairs Course

This course will walk you through the Ohio State Pairs Offense that Ohio State used to crush Denver in 2017 on their way to a National Championship appearance. The pairs offense has gained in popularity with the widespread adoption of 2 Man Game principles. This offense is extremely simple and requires players to be diligent …

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Virginia’s 2-2-2 from X Course

Virginia’s 2-2-2 from X played an extensive roll in their 2019 National Championship run. Virginia used it to score: the game winning goal in overtime vs Syracuse in the regular season, the game winning goal in overtime vs Maryland in the quarterfinals, the game tying and game winning goals vs Duke in the Semi Finals …

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Cuse Motion Offense Course

The Cuse Motion Offense course will take you step by step through the Cuse Motion Offense and quiz you after. Upon completing the all the quizzes, you will be issued a personalized certificate of completion. This course includes the Cuse Motion Offense POWLAX Playbook PDF.

Twist Man Up Play

The Twist Man Up Play is a simple enough for 6th grade teams and efficient enough to be used at varsity. It can be foundational in allowing players to read the play rather than look for specific look.