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Executing and Defending Two Man Games

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2 Man Games are a plethora of tactics used by two players with the goal of getting one of the players open and in on goal. The variety of options and possibilities that both players have creates an environment where they can be creative and react based on what they see and what the defense gives them. In recent years, the large-scale adoption of the 2 man game at the collegiate level is partly due to the success of Canadian and Native American players with backgrounds in box lacrosse. In 2019, every single team that made the NCAA Tournament used 2 Man Games as a primary attacking principle within their offense.
When most people refer to or hear the “2 Man Game” they immediately think “Pick and Roll”. In a sense, this is correct but it is incomplete. I like to define the 2 Man Game as all motions or strategies used by a player with the ball and a player without the ball. This definition includes the Pick and Roll and a slew of other options that players have as they are moving into and out of the traditional “Pick and Roll” Scenario. One of the key takeaways that I’d like coaches to take from this PDF and video is that an understanding of all of the options surrounding the traditional pick and roll 2 Man Game will allow their players to play faster and more freely.

This course includes the “Executing and Defending 2 Man Games Playbook PDF.”

This course includes many lessons with their own individual quizzes.

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