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Coaching For Lacrosse... Teaching For Life...
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Coaching For Lacrosse... Teaching For Life...

Cultivate Greatness

We believe that lacrosse is among the best methods for developing successful people. Everything we do is designed to cultivate life skills as well as lacrosse skills. For most, lacrosse is just a game. To us, it’s a method of cultivating the skills and mindset necessary to be successful in life.

As the oldest American sport, lacrosse has roots that span back centuries. Created by the Native Americans, lacrosse is referred to as “The Medicine Game” or “The Creators Game” to signify the importance of participating in the game.  Many believe that playing this game  with a magnificent spirit helps to soothe your soul by ridding your body of unwanted angst and turmoil.  For others, playing is an homage to our creator.  We thank and entertain our creator by putting our gifts on display for all to see.  For most, lacrosse is just a game.  To us, it is a mode of reuniting young men with the strengths which they’ve been given, but too often forget they possess.   Once they reunite with these gifts, they may use them in any life pursuit of their choosing. POWLAX is based in Aurora and Parker, CO.  We offer a variety of Club Teams, Instructional Camps, Clinics, and Private Lessons for lacrosse and life. 

We Teach: 
Confidence and Competence by teaching the proper fundamentals and skills that will allow them to be successful now and in the future.
Creativity and Enthusiasm by integrating new and challenging skills while allowing them to use their own unique playing style.
Focus by challenging them to be present and to give their all during every rep.
Persistence by encouraging them to get up and try again when they do not succeed. 

The POWLAX staff is united by our vision of using lacrosse to build character in young men by sharing our experiences and passion with them