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POWLAX Best Lacrosse Arm Pads in 2022

These are my recommendations for the best lacrosse arm pads based on position / protection level.  Which arm pads a player picks is based on personal preference, but generally speaking: Attackmen want a lot of protection and use “Arm Guards”, Defenseman need very little protection and use “Elbow Caps”, and Midfielders are somewhere in the middle and use “Elbow Pads”.

10 and Under – Brine Youth Uprising 2 Lacrosse Arm Pad

Unbeatable price for young players.

Great protection for the speed of play.

Adjustable straps allow for comfortable fit.

Attack – STX Cell 5 Arm Guards

Excellent protection on the forearm, elbow, and upper arm.

Durable and flexible, allowing for unmatched mobility and longevity.

Excellent strap system keeps them on the arm.

Midfield – STX Cell 5 Elbow Pads

Flexible 3 piece design gives excellent protection.

Excellent strap system prevents slippage.

Defense – Epoch Integra Elite Elbow Caps

Minimal coverage for minimal risk.

The compression sleeve keeps it in place while the hard cap protects the elbow.

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