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POWLAX Recommended Lacrosse Gloves in 2022

Lacrosse gloves are generally compared by their flexibility, durability, palm feel, and protection.  For the most part, all of these elements will increase and decrease with the cost so the comparison by position doesn’t make sense.  Instead, I will be recommending my favorite beginner, intermediate, advanced, budget, and goalie gloves in 2022.

Many high school and club programs will order custom gloves at a bulk order discount.  Make sure to check with your local programs to see if you can get in on their order.

Beginner – STX Stallion 75 Gloves

Standard glove for young beginners with only foam protection.

No wrist cuff (glove should fit snug without tightening the string).

Decent palm feel.

Intermediate – Epoch Id Gloves

 Plastic caps added over foam for increased protection.

Solid durability and feel.

Added wrist cuff.

Advanced – Warrior Evo QX Glove

The Warrior Evo line of gloves has been my favorite glove for years.

Top of the line in every category.  These gloves offer incredible protection, mobility, feel, and durability.

Budget – Warrior Evo 19 Gloves for True Club Team

A top of the line glove from 2019 with a great price of $54.92 as of 9/14/22.

Check back to EverySportForLess.com or other retail outlets clearance sections.

Goalie – STX Cell 5 Goalie Gloves

Peace of mind due to extreme protection where it matters most… The thumbs.

Comfortable, flexible, and durable. 

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