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The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

In 2022, NOCSAE created a new standard for shoulder pads called ND200.  It requires that all shoulder pads include a chest cap to protect the heart from commotio cordis. These chess caps can be quite large and cumbersome, so we’d like to find a shoulder pad that fits the requirement, doesn’t have too large of a chest plate, and matches our protection preference.

Youth – STX Stallion 200+ Shoulder Pad

Great protection for the speed of play.

Bicep pads can be removed.

Attack and Midfield – STX Cell 5 Shoulder Pads

Sleek design has incredible protection without sacrificing mobility.

Adjustable strap system and detachable bicep pads allow for a custom fit.

A wide variety of sizes to fit almost any player.

Defense – Maverik M5 Speed Shoulder Pads

External Kardiac Guard gives unparalleled protection to the chest and heart.

Slim design doesn’t hinder movement.

Liner style gives just the right amount of padding for a defenseman.

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