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POWLAX Best Lacrosse Helmets in 2022

The best helmet is the one that fits well and is fitted correctly.  I recommend buying new helmets because you never know what a used helmet has been through.  If you do find a used helmet, make sure it fits correctly.  Below are my recommendations for helmets at each age group.

Youth High End – Cascade S Youth

Top of the line fit and protection.

Ratchet sizing system.

I chose this helmet for my son.

Youth – Cascade CS-R

One size fits all for youth players with adjustable velcro straps.

Great option for getting into the sport.

Young Teen – Cascade CPV-R

Ratchet strap fitting system.

Wide range of sizes.

Great for getting into the sport

Adult – Cascade XRS

The best helmet from the best helmet manufacturer.

Ratchet fitting system.

Fully customizable color options.

Mouthpiece – Sisu Mouthguard

The Sisu Mouthguard can be fitted and refitted up to 30 times.

Thin composition and hold on the teeth makes talking easy.

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