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The Best Lacrosse Helmets

Youth High End – Cascade XRS Youth

Top of the line fit and protection.

Ratchet sizing system.

I chose this line of helmet for my son.

Youth – Cascade CS-R

One size fits all for youth players with adjustable velcro straps.

Great option for getting into the sport.

Young Teen – Cascade CPV-R

Ratchet strap fitting system.

Wide range of sizes.

Great for getting into the sport

Adult – Cascade XRS Pro

The best helmet from the best helmet manufacturer.

Ratchet fitting system.

Fully customizable color options.

Mouthpiece – Sisu 3D Mouthguard

The Sisu Mouthguard can be fitted and refitted up to 30 times.

Thin composition and hold on the teeth makes talking easy.

The best helmet is the one that fits well and is fitted correctly.  I recommend buying new helmets because you never know what a used helmet has been through.  If you do find a used helmet, make sure it fits correctly.  Below are my recommendations for helmets at each age group.

Watch how to fix second bar syndrome and fit a lacrosse helmet here!

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