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Excellent Lacrosse Stringers and Dyers in 2022/2023

The stringers and dyers below are the best of the best. They have shared their work with the world on Instagram and will take orders from around the country.  This is not to say that stringer down the street or employee at the local lacrosse shop is not a competent stringer, just that if you want reassurance that you are getting an excellently crafted pocket, the stringers and dyers below have a proven track recored of excellence. I

REMEMBER! If you are having a stick strung for a young or beginning player, make sure to let them know!  They will put in a pocket that has low to mid whip, which will allow your player to learn using the proper technique.

Locknots_Monster – Jon Prichard

Based out of Austin, TX,  Jon specializes in intricate custom traditional pockets and buttery smooth mesh pockets.

Fill out the form in his Instagram Bio to place an order.

Fantum Lacrosse – 

Based out of San Diego, California, Issac is one of the smoothest characters you’ll ever meet.  He specializes in creating custom hand crafted wooden lacrosse shafts and can string stick of all kinds. 

He does most of his custom stringing through Instagram DM’s but also has a website where he sells the hand made wooden shafts.

Check out the Fantum Lacrosse Website! 

Shamwowstrings – Khalid Alshami

Based out of Denver, Colorado,  Khalid is a Lax Junky that strings up premium mesh sticks of all types.  His Sideline Swap is always full of interesting pieces from every era.

He does most of his custom stringing through Instagram DM’s and referrals while coaching.

LukeSideWallker – Lars Kiel, the SideWallJedi

Based out of Boston, MA, Lars is one of the predominant stringers and innovators of our age.  He specializes in stringing pro level pockets that put players on #TeamUnfairAdvantage.

He is currently the equipment manager for the Premier Lacrosse League and the Harvard Lacrosse Team.  

Check out the SideWallJedi website here.

Stylin Strings

Based out of York, PA,  Stylin Strings has team of stringers and dyers that do it all.  From mens mesh and traditional to womens mesh and traditional, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Their website, Stylinstrings.com, is stocked full of stringing and dying options that you can customize.

Buy a head from them or send your head in to be strung!


Zyg Customs – Tyler Zygmunt

Based out of Southington, CT,  Tyler is an elite stringer that can do it all!  Mesh, Traditional, Mens, Womens, Zyg can get it done.

He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s and Email.


Smokin Stringz – Taylor Smoke

Based out of Akwesasne. NY/QC,  Taylor is a player pocket specialist, interacting with each customer individually and giving attention to age, experience, position, and shooting style.  He strings it all: womens, mens, goalie, even stringing wooden sticks.

Taylor does most of his business through Instagram DM.

Redbeard Lacrosse – Travis Sandin

Based out of New Jersey, Travis specializes in creating elite goalie pockets that don’t give up rebounds and throw consistent outlet passes.

He also has a stacked SidelineSwap Locker.

Have a goalie pocket custom built by Travis by submitting the form through the link in his instagram bio.

JM Strings – Josh

Based out of Dallas, TX,  Josh stings up buttery sticks for mens and womens players of any level.  

He and David Swartz of SmashTime Strings created the Learn2String Instagram account, going in-depth into teaching the knots and patterns of lacrosse head stringing.


Spawn of Pipo – Philip Pierce

Based out of Maryland,  Philip strings consistent pockets of all types.

Philip does most of his business through instagram DM and prefers reading sci-fi more than watching movies or playing video games.

Old Dog Lacrosse – Andy O’neil

Based out of MA, Andy specializes in exquisitely strung mens and womens mesh and traditional pockets.

Most orders go through Instagram DM’s, but check out his website, OldDogLacrosse.net.

Penny Strings – Skyler Saunders

Based out of Albany, NY,  Skyler specializes mesh pockets with a woven bottom string.

Contact him through Instagram DM’s to place your order.


That_Kiwi_Guy – Mitchell

Based out of New Zealand, Mitchell specializes in buttery smooth mesh pockets and can also string womens and traditional pockets.

Shoot him a DM to inquire about orders!

Zap_Lacrosse – Jason Zapoli

Based out of Maryland,  Jason strings consistent mens and womens’ sticks.

He specializes in exceptional dye work . 

He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s.


GopherLax5 – Kevin Henry 

Based out of Northern, VA,  Kevin specializes in exquisite fade dyes, consistent mesh pockets, womens pockets and intricate traditional string ups.

Contact him through Instagram DM’s or his website GopherLax.com

Clutchfanatic37 – Joshua Davis

Based out of Denver, CO,  Josh specializes in mesmerizing dyes and pockets that throw and shoot true.  He recently released a line of carbon fiber shafts called the Icon 2.0.  Check them out on his website IconicLax.com.

Josh does his business through Instagram DM’s, email, and his website.


Based out of Manchester, England, Northern Soul Sportwear is the best lacrosse store outside of the USA!  They specialize in everything lacrosse, including spectacular dyes that leave you wondering how they did it.  They can dye and string any kind of stick for any kind of player.

Check out their website Northernsoulsportswear.com

LaxZombieDyes – Shane Anderson

Based out of San Diego, CA,  Shane specializes in mind melting artwork dyes.  His attention to detail and precision dye work is second to none.   

Shane receives most of his orders through Instagram DM’s, Live Events, or Referrals.

Check out his website LaxZombieDyes.com.  

Mr. WANDerful – Tommy Bruno

Based out of New York, Tommy is hyper focused on stringing excellent goalie sticks that limit rebounds and throw buttery outlet passes.  He occasionally dye up a solid color or fade and can string up a wicked field stick too.  

Shoot him a DM on Instagram and he can ship your order right out.  Even international.

Check out his interview on the Lax Goalie Rat Podcast!

HersheyLaxDyes – Matt

Based out of Hershey, PA, Matt specializes in simple and clean dye work that brings flare and pride to any stick.  He dyes and strings for many of todays professional players, including Tehoka Nanticoke.  He hosts the #TuesdayTieUps with LaxPlayground.

Matt does most of his business through Instagram DM’s.

Cermak – John Cermak 

John transformed the lacrosse head dying world with his paint on dye technique.  His comic/cartoon style dye on a Trevor Baptiste face off head still has me taking double takes.  Check out the rest of his work on his IG.

He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s.

Space City Designs – SCDLAX – Jason Snavely 

Based out of Katy (Houston), TX,  Jason specializes in eye popping dyes and precision stringing.  His Pokemon Dyes are some of the most iconic dyes I have ever laid eyes on.

SCDLax does their business through Instagram DM’s, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dandy Dyes – Martin Dandy 

Martin specializes in dyes with extreme complexity.   He was always artistic and when his kids started playing lacrosse, dying lacrosse heads became his outlet! His dyes have skills have earned him the business of the PLL! 

Martin does business through Instagram DM or email at Dandydyes@gmail.com.

The String Shark 

Based out of Goshen, NY,  The String Shark specializes in smooth mesh pockets and clean marble fade dyes.

The String Shark does their business through Instagram DM’s and his website.

Southern String Lacrosse – Tom Ciafone

Based out of Charolette, NC, Tom creates incredible pockets of all kinds.  From intricate traditional mens and womens pockets to simple mesh pockets, Southern String Lacrosse has the perfect pocket for your play style.  

Tom does most of his business through Instagram DM’s.  

SoFlo Dyes – Patrick Dickson

Based out of Tallahassee, FL, Patrick specializes in mens mesh pockets, but can also do goalie stick and womens sticks.

Patrick is currently the Head Coach of the Florida State Mens Lacrosse Program.

Patrick does most of his business through Instagram DM’s and his page on StringTheory.us   

NSALacrosse – Bubba Paguirigan

Based out of the Bay Area, California, Bubba specializes in consistent and buttery smooth mesh pockets. tested traditional pockets, and he’ll dye your head up right.  Basically, this guy does it all!


He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s, his website NSALacrosse.com, and his Sideline Swap Locker. 

STNY Strings – Jeff Rurey

Based out of the New York, Jeff specializes in stringing pockets designed exclusively for each player.  He is a master at mesh and traditional pockets.  

He won the Signature Lacrosse and NLA Pro Stringing Competition in 2022. 

He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s, his email (stnystrings@gmail.com), and his website.

Smashtime_Strings – David Swartz

Based out of the Brooklyn, New York, David is the only person on record to wear a shirt made completely of lacrosse mesh.  He specializes in Mens and Womens mesh pockets for all positions.

He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s.


Based out of the Jacksonville Florida, LaxTies specializes in tried and true mesh pockets that will ensure you play your best every time you pick up your stick


He does most of his business through Instagram DM’s and his  website.

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