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POWLAX Best Backyard Lacrosse Equipment in 2022

To be an elite player, you must practice on your own.  Below are my picks for the best tools to help you improve at home in your backyard in 2022!

Goal – Rage Cage Foldable Lacrosse Goals

The Rage Cage is great because it folds up for easy travel or storage. 

Durable construction is built to last.

Mini Goal – Primed Foldable 4×4 and 3×3 Lacrosse Goals

Folds up for easy travel or storage.

Metal construction is built to last.

I recommend only shooting on them with tennis balls or pinkys’/

Back Stop – SmartBackstop

Attaches to the goal for 4′ of added miss protection.

Easily folds down on single or both sides when not in use.

Use code “POWLAX20” for $20 off your order at SmartBackstop.com.

Bounce Back – All Ball Pro

5-6x more expensive than the next bounce back, but you get what you pay for.  

If you have a dedicated lacrosse player, the All Ball Pro will last for years through any weather.

Bounce Back on a Budget – EZ Goal 8’x6′ Professional Folding Lacrosse Rebounder

Large size and target make it easy to hit.

Folds up for easy storage. 

Pop Up Goalie – Elevate 11th Man Goalie

Inflatable stand alone goalie that can be positioned at any angle.

Gives more realistic shooting experience than targets or tarps.

Can double as a defender.

Pop Up Defender – Elevate 11th Man Defender

Inflatable weighted defender can be used as a dodging obstacle, contact point, or screen when shooting.



Shooting Targets – SKLZ Target Pair

Shooting targets are a great way to help players visualize where to aim and give immediate feedback when they are hit.

These come in a 2 Pack.


Shooting Targets – ECD Lacrosse Shooting Target

Shooting targets are a great way to help players visualize where to aim and give immediate feedback when they are hit.

A great target from a great company!

Zoids from Zoid Fitness

Zoids rubber field markers that lay flat like single rungs in an agility ladder

The trapezoid shape shows direction while the red, yellow, and green colors can denote speed.



Cone are a great way to set up movement patterns in the back yard.

Zoids lay flat to stay out of the way and can show speed and direction!

Lacrosse Balls – Pearl X Greaseless Lacrosse Balls

Pearl X balls are build differently so they will never grease.  Make sure you get the X.

Most rubber lacrosse balls only last 3 months to a year of actual play. 

Use code “POWLAX” at checkout for 10% off your order.

***Greasers are rubber lacrosse balls that have condensed creating a slick exterior that doesn’t grip the pocket of the lacrosse stick as much as new balls.  Most greasers should be removed from play because they fall out of spec and are too dense and hard to be played with safely.

Soft Lacrosse Balls #1 – Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are a great replacement for lacrosse balls when a hard ball should not be used. 

You can find them used for cheap on Facebook Marketplace.

High school tennis programs will give them away in bulk after their season.


Soft Lacrosse Balls #2 – Pinky’s

Soft foam balls that mimic lacrosse balls when lacrosse balls should not be used.

No Bounce Balls – Pearl Lacrosse No Bounce Ball

No bounce balls transfer all of their kinetic energy into whatever they hit.

Get lots of reps shooting against a wall because they will not come back at the player as fast.  

Use code “POWLAX” at checkout for 10% off your order on PearlLacrosse.com

These should NEVER be used when shooting on goalies or inside as a soft replacement for lacrosse balls.  They are NOT certified for play in games.

Cradle Baby

It’s a ball on a string that can attach to any stick.

Practice cradling without worry.

Great for girls who want to practice keeping the ball in the sweet spot.

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