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POWLAX Best Lacrosse Heads in 2022

There are tons of great lacrosse heads out there!  These are my favorites for each position.  

Attack  – String King Mark 2A 

Wide face shape makes for easy catching and finishing inside.

Low offset creates the perfect frame for a low pocket. 

Easy vertical cradling with a quick release for passing and shooting.


Midfield – East Coast Dyes Mirage 2.0

Narrow face shape and midpoint off-set allow easy mid pocket installation.

Durable construction.

My favorite ground ball head.

Defense – STX Hammer 

Wide face shape perfect for picking off passes

Stiff and durable sidewalls for effective checks without deformation.

Perfectly shaped scoop and high off-set allow for easy ground balls and toe drags.

Face Off – String King 2F and 2F Stiff

Excellent durability and shape retention.

Great for quick moves or battling it out at the X.

Great ground ball scoop shape.

Goalie – STX Eclipse 2

The Eclipse line of goalie heads has been a favorite for almost 25 years.

Very durable and won’t break easily or bend out of shape when it gets hot.

Make sure to get it strung by a professional.

Best on a Budget – Brine Clutch 3X

Top of the line head from a few years ago.  

Price of $18.92 as of 9/14/2022.

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