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POWLAX Best Lacrosse Tape and Butt Ends

The feel of your lacrosse stick is paramount to your play.  The accessories below will give you the exact feel that you’re looking for.

String King Tape

East Coast Dyes Sliding End Caps

Perfect recreation of the butt end created from a thin layer of tape.

Easily slides up the shaft to create the perfect length feel.  Place a small piece of tape under the sliding part to ensure it stays right where you want it.

Tons of colors to choose from.


Vuk Grips – Lacrosse Tape

Incredible grip with gloves on.

A must have for anyone who likes to go one handed.

Used by Rob Pannel, Nakeie Montgomery, and Joe Nardella of the PLL.

String King Lacrosse Tape

Pre-cut to 1 and 2 cm widths. 

Allows for easy all over application or raised bumps for hand placement markers.

Regular Tape Feel.

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