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The Best Lacrosse Shafts!

There are tons of great lacrosse shafts out there!  These are my favorites for each position.  

Attack  – East Coast Dyes – Carbon Pro 3.0 

Extremely light weight, stiff, and durable.  

Crafted for Elite players.

Reinforced with kevlar to give an extraordinary feel, weight, and strength.

Midfield – STX Sci-Ti Handle

Various shapes allow for complete customization.  I prefer R over the X

Light enough for offense and strong enough for defense.

One of the best metal shafts on the market!

Defense – Warrior Carbon QX2 Defense Shaft 

Ridiculously light and strong.

A textured exterior helps with grip while throwing long checks.

Face Off – Carbon Pro 3.0

The Carbon Pro 3.0 is my favorite overall shaft.  It is lightweight, strong, and has a great feel.

It pairs perfectly with my the String King 2F Stiff, my pick for the best face off head and VukGrips to ensure that all the speed and power transfers into the shaft and head of your stick.

ECD Carbon Pro 3 Goalie Shaft

Kevlar Reinforcement for increased durability. 

Raised texture for maximum control.

Mid Kick Point Paired with Flex8 Profile 

GelSTX Lacrosse Shaft

GelSTX are made of aluminum alloy and filled with gel to increase the weight to 2.5x the weight of a typical shaft.

Unlike other weighted shafts, the Gel creates balance point that is more like a traditional lacrosse stick.


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