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Best Women's Lacrosse Gear

This list is comprised of the top women’s lacrosse gear voted on by the players.

Gait Apex with Flex Mesh

From easy ground balls to quick passing, the Gait Apex with Flex Mesh does it all!

The perfect head for any position.

Lightweight and Durable

Womens Shaft (Not Offset) – East Coast Dyes Infinity Pro

Advanced carbon fiber design keeps it light.

Durable construction with a great texture and feel

Womens Offset Shaft – STX Exult Pro 10D

STX-exclusive offset naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot

Precision flex adds snap when passing and shooting.

Gait Apex Complete with Flex Mesh

Combines the bst qualities of the Gait Air and Gait Whip to bring the perfect midfielders stick built for speed, control, balance, and accuracy.

Cured offset is finetuned for the needs of a midfielder.

Doublesidewall creates a wider catching area with a narrow channel at the widest part of the head allowing for optimal sweet spot control.

Goggles – STX Focus TI-S+ Goggle

Steel cage for strength and protection.

2 Bar minimal designs for improved visibility.

Foam padding fits comfortably and won’t slip.

Cascade LX Women’s Headgear & Goggle

Excellent comfort and fit.

Softshell won’t endanger other women.

Durable goggles are easy to see through.

STX Strike Womans Lacrosse Gloves

Protective in the right places while not being bulky.

The natural feel will mold to hands and not slip on the stick.

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