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Defensive Skill Development Drills

These drills focus on the individual and team components of defensive play.

Triangle Show Drill

Triangle Show Drill (Adjacent Slide and Recover) The Triangle Show Drill teaches players how an adjacent slide package works by simulating adjacent slides and recoveries in a 3v3 set. The players will learn:1) Communication for on-ball and adjacent players.2) Off ball stance and positioning.3) Adjacent slide and recovery mechanics and communication for simple dodges, carry …

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General Drill (Recovery 1v1’s)

General Drill (Recovery 1v1’s) General Drill is a recovery 1v1 drill at the edge of dangerous space that forces players to embrace contact to be successful! Modified from UVA Coach Lars Tiffany’s presentation at IMLCA. Download the Playbook PDF! Reload For A Random Offense Video Defense Video Drill Video Skill Video