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Womens Sticks: All the Skills Transfer

Womens Lacrosse Sticks: All Skills Transfer New technology has created women’s lacrosse sticks with nearly the same control as men’s sticks. Girls looking to play box lacrosse or pickup lacrosse with the boys should know that the skills they build will transfer to the new sticks.

Components of a Lacrosse Pocket | POWLAX

Components of a Lacrosse Pocket The pocket is the most important part of the lacrosse stick.  It holds the ball and controls how the ball is accepted, sits in, and exits the stick when passing, catching, cradling, and shooting.  This PDF is a Free Download!

Choosing The Right Stick

Choosing The Right Stick Choosing the correct stick is the most important decision a parent can make when their young player tries lacrosse! Huge thank you to Alf Jacques, Greg Kenneally, and Jake Smith for being in the video as well as String King, East Coast Dyes, and Powell Lacrosse for sending me their sticks. …

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What Is Lacrosse

What is Lacrosse? I feel that the game is more than the rules and regulations. I tried to convey the soul of our game in all of its forms and honor it’s traditions while emphasizing that everyone can utilize their unique gifts. The game sells itself, but perhaps this will entice a few more families …

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