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POWLAX Best Complete Sticks

To facilitate the recent growth of lacrosse, many companies have been on a mission to produce a complete stick at a low, introductory price point.  The majority of these completely neglect the pocket while striving for the lowest price.  Players with these sticks struggle with simple aspects of the game due to a terribly strung stick. 

Below are my picks for the best introductory complete stick based on age, price, and position.   No list for evaluating, just a stick that WILL WORK

Under 6 Years Old – Warrior Evo Warp Mini

Easy to scoop, pass, and catch with.

Great pocket for easy cradling.

Unbelievably consistent.

9 and Under – StringKing Starter Jr. Complete Lacrosse Stick

Built for the 9 and under crowd with a thinner shaft.

Consistent mid pocket with easily adjustable bottom string.

Wide face shape to allow for easy catching.

10-13 Short Stick – ECD Bravo 1 Complete Lacrosse Stick 

Whether you’re just getting started or pushing your game to the next level, the Bravo 1 setup was built for you.

A well rounded head, well strung pocket, and great shaft create a great value!

14+ Short Stick – String King Complete Intermediate 2

Components durable enough to withstand high-level play.

Excellently strung pocket.

Grade A scoop for ground balls.

Long Stick – String King Complete 2 Intermediate Defense

The Complete 2 Intermediate has a versatile head and premium alloy shaft for consistent, worry-free performance.

Can be cut down to the height of the player to create a perfectly light and durable option for the age group.

String King Womens Complete or  Girls Starter

An incredible stick for a beginning player.

Offset technology in an affordable package.

Gait Apex with Flex Mesh

From easy ground balls to quick passing, the Gait Apex with Flex Mesh does it all!

The perfect head for any position.

Lightweight and Durable

Top of the line!

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