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POWLAX Recommended Goalie Equipment 2022

These recommendations have been created by speaking with the many goalies I have had the pleasure of playing with over the years!

Goalie Head – STX Eclipse 2

The Eclipse line of goalie heads has been a favorite for almost 25 years.

Very durable and won’t break easily or bend out of shape when it gets hot.

Make sure to get it strung by a professional.

Goalie Shaft – STX Outlet

Its unique shape keeps the shaft from spinning when making saves.

Comes in a goalie length that can be cut down.

 I like to cut mine down to around 38″.

Goalie Gloves – STX Cell 5 Goalie Gloves

Flexible and protective thumb guard.

Great protection in the fingers.

Chest Protector – Unequal Chest Protector

Excellent protection – Up NOCSEA ND200 certifications. 

Removable left rib pad protects the heart from the side as well.

Slim fit allows for unencumbered movement.

Shin Pads – STX – Field Hockey Shin Pads

Designed for field hockey.

Will ease any new goalies mind about getting hit in the shins with shots.


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