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Build your team's lacrosse IQ fast without long-winded chalk talks or wasting valuable practice time!

Players build cohesion and incorporate their individual skill sets faster because they will arrive at practice with an understanding of the team strategy!
The POWLAX Platinum Membership includes elements for all learning styles, leaving no room for excuses and ensuring that your players skill, decision making, and playmaking ability are in the spotlight.

POWLAX Platinum Team Membership

Industry Leading Video

Explore our industry-leading video content, offering a wealth of expert insights and cutting-edge information, all available for free to enrich your knowledge and skills.

All POWLAX Playbook PDF's

Playbook PDF’s accompany the POWLAX Videos and can be printed out and added to your playbook.

POWLAX Digital Playbook

Discover the POWLAX Digital Playbook, an innovative database of digitized lacrosse plays and drills, designed to streamline your coaching by allowing you to easily send targeted strategies and exercises directly to your players.


5 Strategy Master Classes

Maximize effective practice time when players arrive at practice with a foundational understanding of our strategies.  Choose from the Master Classes at the bottom of this page.

Team Oversight

Easily Track Players Progress!

POWLAX’s Team Oversight page empowers coaches with a seamless way to track and monitor player progress, ensuring every team member reaches their peak potential. Experience the game-changing advantage of informed coaching decisions with POWLAX.

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Better Lax IQ for the Cost of a T-Shirt

Broken down to a per player basis, the POWLAX Platinum Membership comes out to $25-$40 per player/coach.  The money is going to get spent one way or another, why not spend it on something that will help the players get better! 

Platinum Single Team Membership

$ 750
  • Access to the POWLAX Digital Playbook
  • Send Plays to Your Team
  • Monitor Who Has Watched The Plays
  • Custom Built Team Master Class with 5 Lessons
  • Quizzes Hold Players Accountable
  • 30 Roster Slots

Platinum Program Membership

$ 10,000 Yearly
  • Access to the POWLAX Digital Playbook
  • Coaches Create Custom Playbooks for Every Team
  • Coaches Can See Who Watches Each Diagram
  • Custom Built Team Master Class with 5 Lessons
  • Demonstrate Understanding with Master Class Quiz Certifications
  • 450+ Positions for Coaches and Players

Choose From These Exceptional Master Classes