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Creating Confident Coaches
Create Exceptional Lacrosse Environments

Newcomer and 8U Lacrosse Coaching Fast Track

Learn to create incredible lacrosse environments without digging through all the random videos on the internet, traveling to a training events, or getting lost in advanced topics for  older age groups.

This master class is specifically designed to quickly bring coaches of young players up to speed, focusing on the fundamental skills and basic strategies of the game. We aim to train coaches who are new to lacrosse in a way that instills a deep appreciation for the sport, emphasizing both individual skill development and the importance of understanding the developmental capacity of your players.

The program is structured to ensure that participants enjoy their introduction to the sport, experiencing the excitement of learning and playing while making noticeable progress in their abilities. Through this training, coaches will create incredible environments, setting their players up for future success both in competitive play and in enjoying the sport recreationally.

Click here if you’re coaching a middle or high school level team.

Create the Ultimate Lacrosse Experience

We believe that playing lacrosse can help to develop the traits of successful people. 

By creating environments that enhance the players’ love of the game, we help them to enjoy the process of becoming better people.

For most, lacrosse is just a game. To us, it’s a method of cultivating the skills and mindset necessary to be successful in life.

We Create Confident Coaches Because Confident Coaches Create Great Environments For Players.

Newcomer and 8U Master Class Outline

Dive into the rich history and vibrant spirit of lacrosse in our first lesson. We’ll explore the cultural significance of the sport, its evolution, and modern representations. We’ll also discuss the significance of choosing the correct stick, the importance of the pocket, make comparisons to the big 5 sports, and cover basic rules and equipment.

Lesson 2 focuses on meeting you where you are and exploring your situation to craft a holistic strategy for a triumphant season. We’ll navigate through the intricacies of goal setting while considering your unique coaching environment – understanding where you stand as a coach, your players’ diverse personalities and skill levels, and the dynamics of parent expectations and involvement. This lesson also delves into effectively leveraging support from administrators and collaborating with co-coaches. By doing so, you’ll learn to create a positive, achievement-oriented atmosphere, aligning your coaching tactics with your team’s multifaceted needs and aspirations.

Lesson 3 is tailored to embrace the diversity of skill levels within your team, applying innovative coaching methodologies like the constraints-led approach and non-linear pedagogy. These modern techniques focus on adapting to the individual learning styles and developmental stages of each player. We’ll guide you through effectively coaching a range of abilities, ensuring that every player, regardless of their current skill level, is engaged, challenged, and growing.

Lesson 4 delves into the essentials of running a successful lacrosse practice. From the necessary equipment to the intricacies of the practice plan, we cover every aspect to ensure you’re fully equipped. Learn about the distinct roles and responsibilities of the coaching team, ensuring everyone plays their part effectively. We’ll also explore the elements that make a practice session great, including how to incorporate special positions like goalies and face-off specialists. This lesson is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to create engaging, productive, and skill-enhancing practices for your team.

Lesson 5 is the cornerstone of coaching success. Coaches are equipped not only to teach but also to master key lacrosse skills themselves. We provide detailed techniques and drills for essential skills that coaches can practice at home, ensuring they can demonstrate and instruct with confidence. These skills include holding the stick, picking up ground balls, cradling, passing, catching, faking, and various shooting techniques like shooting on the run, in tight spaces, and with time and room. Additionally, this lesson covers individual defensive basics, providing a comprehensive toolkit for coaches to enhance their expertise and effectively pass on these skills to their players.

In Lesson 6, we delve into the dynamic phases and flow of lacrosse, providing a detailed analysis of the strategies pertinent to each phase of the game and what you can expect your young team to do. This lesson includes an overview of the drills designed to build and reinforce each recommended strategy, ensuring coaches have a clear and effective roadmap for training their teams.

Lesson 7 is an exploration of two practice plans.  The first practice plan is built to introduce a new set of players to the game or allow you to evaluate a new group of players.  The second practice plan is the perfect practice to run with a team of players who are 8 years old and younger. We’ll guide you through each practice step by step, explain the function of each drill, and watch live video of the drills being run.

Lesson 11 equips coaches with strategies to manage the excitement and challenges of game days. This session delves into pre-game preparations, including team briefings, warm-up routines, and last-minute tactical adjustments. Coaches learn how to maintain team focus, handle in-game scenarios effectively, and ensure a positive experience for players, regardless of the game’s outcome.

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Join Patrick Chapla in this comprehensive Master Class, designed for coaches of 8U and Newcomer teams up to 10 years old. This program is a complete system to understand and teach your team effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a parent stepping into the role, this Master Class offers a one-stop solution for all your coaching needs by providing you with exactly the information you need to have an amazing season!

Coaching middle school or high school level team?  Check out the POWLAX Youth Lacrosse Coaching Master Class.

POWLAX Newcomer and 8U Lacrosse Coaching Master Class

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