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Virginia’s 2-2-2 From X Team Master Classes Membership

Virginia’s 2-2-2 from X played an extensive role in their 2019 National Championship run. Virginia used it to score: the game-winning goal in overtime vs Syracuse in the regular season, the game-winning goal in overtime vs Maryland in the quarterfinals, the game-tying and game-winning goals vs Duke in the Semi-Finals, and 5 of 13 goals in the National Championship vs Yale.

The keys to Virginia’s 2-2-2 from X are:

Simplicity – It’s simple enough to allow players to alternate between positions.

Easy Reads – Defensive decisions create a cascade of reads that are easy to see and teach.

Spacing – The spacing makes defensive decisions difficult and allows players to freelance easily if the prescribed looks aren’t there.

This Master Class includes the Virginia 2-2-2 From X POWLAX Playbook PDF.

Upon completing the quiz with an 80% score, you will receive a POWLAX Certificate of Completion.

This is a Team Master Class.  You will receive 30 sub-accounts for your staff and players!  Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to add your staff and players.  If this number is insufficient, please email me at Patrick@POWLAX.com

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